How To Save Money On Your Custom Printed Tent (A Beginner’s Guide): Part 1


Custom printed canopy tents are super popular these days for events and trade shows and serve as an excellent branding opportunity. But are you overspending during the planning process? Let’s find out!

Here are a few pointers to save money on your next canopy tent order.         

Tip #1: Understand the Print Methods

Since the print is a large part of the overall cost, let’s discuss the print process first. Canopy tents can be printed in two different ways:

1.      Screen Printed

2.      Digitally Printed

Due to the advances in digital printing technology over the years, the pricing for 4 color process digital printing has come down significantly. However, a 1 or 2 color screen print could still be less expensive depending on your design. The bottom line: how you design your tent will impact the price.  

Screen Print

A screen print is when the printer is actually taking ink and pulling it over a screen with film of your logo cut out on it.  For a spot color screen print, you need to create a new screen for every color. For example: if you have a 2-color logo tent, two separate screens will be created. Once the screen is built, the cost of running the ink over the screen is small in comparison to the cost of building the screen. So if you have a 2-color logo, and would like two different sizes of that logo printed, the total number of screens created is 4. As a result, we’d recommend screen printing when using the same logo (at the same size) in as many locations as possible.

Digital Print

The digital process uses a formula of ink with the four colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) to “build” the color.  Because the dots are printed right on the material, it’s necessary to start with a white substrate, or base material.  So any time you’d like your printed tent to be a color other than white (or our 22 stock colors), it requires “full coverage printing” – meaning the entire tent has to be dyed. We’d recommend asking in advance what stock colors are available. As a result, digital printing is more cost effective in two areas: when there are 2+ colors on more than 1 peak or valance or when there are 3+ colors anywhere.

We’ll always help you through the order process, but hopefully this gives you a head start. Now that we’ve covered the canopy tent print process, you’re ready for the additional tips in our next post!


Mural Cocktail Stretch Table Covers

Grab Attention with Stylish Mural Cocktail Stretch Table Covers!

Mural Stretch Cocktail Table Covers

Mural Stretch Custom Printed Cocktail Table Covers

Need a new idea on standing out of the crowd for your next event or
trade show?   The answer is a tall explosion of color with your brand!
Stretch cocktail table covers with a stylish, custom print is the
answer to grabbing the attention of the eyes of passersby.

MVP Visuals, the leader in high visual impact displays and table
coverings, now offers full coverage prints on stretch fabric for
cocktail tables!  Splash your brand over your cocktail table with a “Mural” of full coverage printing in the colors that you want and at $159 your 30” x 42” cocktail table covers won’t bust your marketing budget.  MVP also sells the actual cocktail tables as well.

Custom printed stretch table covers give your table a unique, sculpted
look.  Machine washable and wrinkle free stretch fabric makes these
table covers ideal for travel to trade shows and events.

MVP Visuals offers free layouts, free digital proofs and fast
delivery for your trade show table covers.  Table covers and tables are available to order online or call (800) 980-6871 or email

Mural Stretch Cocktail Table Covers - Top View

Fully Printed Stretch Table Covers – Table Top

MVP Visuals prepares for hurricane Sandy!

Due to the storm, we’re doing our best to keep our customers up to date with pending orders, etc. that are due this week. Stay safe everyone and we hope to be up and running for as much as the week as possible!

Stretch Table Covers With Full Color Full Bleed Print – MURAL TEES!

Stretch Table Cover with Full Color Print

Now you can have the wrinkle free stretch table cover you love with an outstanding, brilliant, beautiful full color print with MVP Visuals’ MURAL TEES!  Our Mural Tee table covers can be printed over every inch to give your table the effect you are looking to achieve.  Easy to care for acrylic fabric is machine washable in cold water.   The zipper back gives easy access to under the table for storage.  

Zipper Back Mural Tee Table Cover

The Mural Tee stretch table covers use full color dye sub print which is a 4-color process so is perfect for either vector or high resolution image files.   High Resolution (100-150 dpi at actual size) Tiff, Jpg  or PNG Files or Vector Files such as .ai or .eps can be place in our easy to use templates

Need help with your layout or only have low res art files, contact our art dept at and let our art dept help or call us at (800) 980-6871.


Branding Round Table Covers

Branding your round tablecloth can be a bit of a challenge.   To keep your message in the viewable area you may need make some adjustments.  Round table throws  (drape style) are very popular because they can fit a variety of tables.  However, unless you want to print on the table top, printing your logo  on the side of a round table throw doesn’t work well as you can see below .   The logo gets lost in the folds of the sides.

Round Table Throw with Print.

The best style of round tablecloth for branding is the “barrel style”.  Barrel style table covers do not pleat so you can keep your message seen clearly as viewer walks around the table.

Barrel Table Covers with Print

If you need to have your message seen in the front of the tablecloth try manipulating your logo or maybe trying a step and repeat pattern so your full logo will be seen from all sides of the tablecloth.

Logo Options On Round Table Covers

MVP Visuals offers a variety of table cover styles and print methods.   Fabrics such as basic polyester; flame retardant fabric,  recycled fabric, water repellent; can be printed and made to fit almost any size table cover so just give us your dimensions and logo and we’ll do a free layout.

Is My Art File Good for Printing? Vector vs. Image Files

In the large format print business we have the same issue every day.  Customers come to us with a low res jpg or gif file, often something they took from their website, and ask us to blow it up and print it on a tablecloth or banner.  Generally they have already been to a few printers already that told them,  “Sorry, we need vector art!”

MVP Visuals can help with most issues so you don’t have to miss out on having your favorite image printed on your trade show table cover, carpet, banner or any other large format display.

Low res jpgs and gifs are called “raster or bitmap” files.  These files are made of little pixels. Pixels are little dots (more like squares) like you see below. The quality of the image depends on the number of these pixels per inch (dpi – dots per inch)  When a low res file is kept small it looks just fine.  But when they are enlarged, each pixel gets blown up and gives the image a fuzzy (pixelating) look.


Vector files are made of paths (lines and anchor points) that are more like an engineering CAD Drawing.  When this type of file is enlarged, each line is mathematically enlarged in exact proportion so there is no pixelating or distorting.  This makes vector files ideal for printers.


Vector File is Made of Paths

Vector File is Made of Paths

Unless you have a high resolution a file (this is where there are many more dots per inch in the image file so each pixel doesn’t blow up to distort the image), we would need to recreate your image into vector format. If your image is a photograph then generally it will not recreate well into vector so we would need a hi res file. You can send us your photo and we can tell you. 

Vector files are most frequently .ai, .eps or even .pdf.  YOU CANNOT JUST SAVE A LOW RES JPG WITH AN .AI OR .EPS EXTENSION TO MAKE IT VECTOR. MVP Visuals offers vector recreation services and most files can be converted in 24 hours!


MVP Visuals is a supplier of custom imprinted tablecloths, banners, tents, carpets and trade show displays.